In conversation with Innovatec Hatchery Automation BV

Pictures from left to right- Mark Rijsdijk, sales manager Asia, Christophe Bohez, sales manager Asia, Henk Struving, Sales & Marketing Director

What are your core products and services? What are you best known for providing?

Innovatec is a leading company specialized in innovative hatchery automation. Driven bij innovation and committed to quality and service Innovatec supplies product lines that help hatcheries realize their full potential in order to deliver high quality and vital chicks. It’s based on the Innovatec Total Concept. This proven key to success consists three pillars: product uniformity, excellent service and the support of a maintenance agreement, and results in the highest return on investment.

What developments or upgrades have you made to your core products and services in the last 12 months?

The CLEANchick™ in combination with the Exploder Removal System has been introduced as one complete unit. The combination of live embryo detection and directly removing exploders is Innovatec’s most innovative development for maximizing bio security in the hatchery. The candling process is based on non-contact detection of living embryos. With an unmatched accuracy and a high capacity, eggs are candled in a spilt second. Directly after candling, exploders and large dead embryos are removed by suction. By application of this contact-free concept, a virtually 100% cross contamination-fee product is assured.

How are you doing in terms of growth?
Since 2017 Innovatec Hatchery Automation is a part of the strong EW GROUP. We’re expanding in North and South America and Asia. In Europe we have been market leader for many years.

Have you made any big moves recently in terms of investment in the business, recruitment and so on?
Innovatec is growing very fast, also in recruitment. In one year we have aprox. 15 new employees welcomed. Innovatec has a very strong with professional and knowledged team, to service our clients at a high level.
 What are your plans for this year? Are you planning to bring out any more products or services, move into new markets or enter new countries?
Not this year anymore.
Are you exhibiting at any major trade shows in 2019?
Atlanta 2019, VIV Asia 2019
What are your predictions for the poultry industry over this year?
By the demand of food worldwide, the poultry industry will expand. To meet the demand for more poultry production and/or to comply with a lot of new regulations, hatcheries have to invest in more and complete hatchery automation lines.
Finally, what other headline news from Innovatec Hatchery Automation BV can our readers look forward to reading about in Poultry Reporter 2019 Editions.
No big news this year anymore.

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