NIR importance in Poultry Nutrition

The NIRS may be used as a tool to predict the digestible amino acid and likely the energy content of  feedstuffs. Such information is useful from a quality control perspective to find outliers in incoming raw material and to rank batches of feedstuffs based on nutritionally relevant parameters; for a nutritionist, such information may be used, in combination with laboratory data, to reformulate diets. Here is the below NIR importance in poultry nutrition:

1. Advances in NIR can help nutritionists better understand their corn variation, to optimize diet formulation and monitor incoming corn from suppliers.

2. One of the benefits of NIR is the ability to measure a large number of samples, enabling you to develop a large database of results upon which more informed and accurate decisions can be based.

3. Latest NIR technology software and hardware developments can help nutritionists better understand their feed ingredients. Emerging technologies such as centrally maintained on-line calibrations, pay-as-you-use calibrations, portable NIR and affordable in-line NIR installations are making NIR technology more accessible across the entire feed industry enabling you to extract the full potential of NIR.

4. Rapid sample analysis by NIR allows nutritionists to better understand the variation in raw materials, enabling them to change their diet formulation, adjust ingredient safety margins and monitor feed mill efficiency by correlating formulated diets to the actual diet nutrient value – minimizing over and under formulating diets and ensuring the animals receive adequate nutrition.

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