In conversation with Srinivas Chindam (Founder& CEO) and Archana Chindam (COO) -PoultryMon, MLIT Solutions

Srinivas Chindam & Archana Chindam

How did the idea originate? We started our foray into IoT in manufacturing Industry as we have a family business of manufacturing Aerospace fasteners. Entry into Poultry sector was rather coincidental .Later while working with a client who also happened to have a hatchery where in there was a complete hatch loss and chicks have died due to operator negligence during night time. We realized how critical it is to monitor live stock in real time for deviations and maintain conditions throughout the hatch cycle.

The idea to have a smart management system in place where the manager can have seamless visibility of the process in real time with in his mobile and also have alert mechanisms as soon as something goes awry has originated.

What has gone into planning and developing it? Extensive research on field by our team to understand the functionality across from farm to hatchery and the breeding cycle enabled us to identify the pain areas of the Poultry Industry as it is labor intensive and technology primitive.

With the advent of niche technologies like Internet of things we could demonstrate the added value of sensors making an hatchery smarter for sensing and monitoring .To bring in connectivity and develop advanced technology which is agnostic to existing machinery in the farm was challenging . We have designed, developed product and is patent pending and we are the first company to implement IoT technology at farm level from India.

How long did it take to bring the idea to fruition? It took us little more than a year to bring it to the market after number of trials and testing.

What were the challenges in its evolution so far?
As IoT is still in its nascent stage and evolving at a rapid pace, it was challenging for us to find expert resources in development of our hardware and also local production partner. After few iterations of design and the functionality we have standardized our offering now.

The potential of disrupting Poultry sector and introducing innovation which can benefit the end farmer and can usher in improvements both in productivity and quality is what kept us going even though we are boot strapped.

What have you done to promote its use?
We are promoting through various channels and interacting directly with our customers and farmers on field. Participating in workshops, exhibiting in International Poultry Expo. We are in incubated in T-hub through T Hub we are taking help from Govt of Telangana for promotions in various Agri programs.

What is the Poultrymon and what are its features?
PoultryMon is a real time remote monitoring solution for Poultry hatcheries and farms for efficient management and control of the critical conditions throughout the hatch cycle improving yield and quality. Making hatcheries and farms smarter through real time anomaly detection and predictive maintenance for increased efficiency and optimizing productivity.

What is the technology involved in developing this system?
We have used advanced and patented technologies of wireless connectivity of Internet of things (IoT), Analytics , Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data etc. platform for huge volumes of data for easy and real time traceability of Hatchery, Farms, Cold Rooms data.

What are the benefits of using this system?
By continuously monitoring the temp and Humidity in real time using PoultryMon we can improve the hatchability n quality of chicks. By correcting the defects at early times, decrease the hatch duration, can decrease the operations cost Can have better control of operations by monitoring continuously Timely actions can be taken for better profitability. Data is automatically logged so the operator can be engaged with other hatching works PoultryMon helps in reduce production costs and increase revenue

Which type of Incubators this system is compatible with?
Our system is compatible with all the existing and new traditional Incubators irrespective of the maker

Is it easy to install and use as most of the workers are not educated?
Plug and play model allows users to easily Install. Our mobile and web apps are very user friendly

Is it useful only at the hatchery level or the benefits can be extended to farm level? Yes, the chicks produced by maintaining optimal parameters throughout the cycle of incubation are of much higher quality and less prone to abnormalities.

Who are your clients?
Below are few of our Customer across Hatchery, Farms and Cold Rooms:
– Suguna Foods – TN
– Shivshakti Agro India Ltd – WB
– Lotus Farms – Karnataka
– Janaki Group (Vimala) – TS
– Lakshmi Sarada – AP
– Vijayanagar Hatcheries – AP
– Diamond Hatcheries – TS
– GBR Hatcheries – AP
– JRB Hatcheries- TS
– Mahalakshmi Poultry – AP
– SRKR & SKR Poultry – AP
– Sundaramma Poultry – AP
– Shiva Shanker Poultry – AP
– Bhagyalakshmi Poultry – AP

What challenges lie ahead?
Creating awareness about the technology , accepting and implementing into livestock environment as it is extremely sensitive to make the production more progressive is possible through educating the customers about benefits of how it can effectively increase the efficiency and quality of bird or egg.

How is it impacting in small towns and rural areas?
Poultrymon has the potential to bring in paradigm shift in this Industry by drastically improving productivity and sustainability, it can be used to optimize the quality of meat while reducing the possibilities of fraud through enhancing traceability.

Our objective is to deliver technologies that fit the entire value chain from farm to fork reinforcing and empowering farmers with yield improvement there by increasing revenues and strengthening them for the challenges ahead by having better visibility and control

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