Major Methods of Marketing Eggs

Eggs are an important foodstuff. The greater the distance between producer and consumer, the more complex is the marketing organization required to ensure that eggs reach consumers in the form, place and time desired.

So Producers may decide to market their produce directly to consumers – direct marketing – or may choose from a variety of marketing organizations that make up a marketing channel. So here are major methods of marketing eggs:


Egg producers who are situated a short distance from consumers may be able to practise direct marketing such as:

  • Sales from the farm
  • Door-to-door sales/street hawking
  • Sales to any local retail shops


  • Wholesale distributor:

Wholesalers usually have a good knowledge of the market, access to the best information on trends and prospects and working capital to carry business risks as required.

Wholesalers usually obtain eggs from central wholesale markets, assembly
merchants, collectors and local country markets; however, in some instances they go directly to the producers. Eggs may be purchased directly or accepted for sale on a commission basis. Many wholesalers have their own storage facilities too. Wholesale distributors may engage specialized transport agencies to transport eggs or operate such services on their own account.

  • Central wholesale markets

Central wholesale markets receive shipments from large farms and from country markets, and constitute a supply source where wholesalers and retailers can obtain the various types of produce they need. General wholesale markets sell many different products, including eggs. Because it is the focus point of many smaller markets and also the point of contact for suppliers to important groups of consumers,

And a central market is usually the primary price-making mechanism for the production areas it serves. In this way it balances demand and supply also.

  • Retailer
    In urban areas, egg sales are made through retailers. Four types of retailers usually carry eggs in their shops:
    poultry shops where only eggs and poultry are sold; –food shops specializing in eggs, poultry, cheese, butter, meat and fish;
    general food shops and supermarkets selling all kinds of foods and
    household goods; and
    meat markets where all types of meat are sold and eggs are also offered for sale.


Last but not the least, Digital has now become new normal especially after Corona Pandemic worldwide. So digital platform can be the perfect platform for the producers to directly sell their eggs online from their farms or by making new partners online. We will discuss in details on digital marketing of eggs in another article. Please send your feedback or suggestions in the comment box below for this article.

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  1. Sir how I can start a work with egg company or egg form on commission in uae or how I can start egg business please guide me thanks


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