The Alltech ONE Ideas Conference (ONE) will launch virtually

The Alltech ONE Ideas Conference (ONE) will launch virtually on May 25–27, 2021, and will feature tracks that will uncover the challenges and opportunities in the aqua, crop science, dairy, equine, health and wellness, pet, pig, and poultry sectors. Now in its 37th year, Alltech’s global agri-food conference continues to be an invaluable resource, uniting thought-leaders and changemakers in an exploration of the power of science, sustainability and storytelling. More than 40 topics* are slated for discussion at ONE, including:   



  • Can Sustainability Remain Aquaculture’s Unfair Advantage?
  • Feeding Your Future: The Changing Face of Aqua Feed
  • From Sea to Land: The Evolution of Aquaculture
  • Pick Your Protein: How the Pandemic Shifted Shopping Habits
  • The Great Global Fish and Shrimp Cook-Off

Crop Science

  • Carbonomics: The Economy Beneath Our Feet
  • Empowering Growers Through Pest Prevention
  • Natural Solutions, Unparalleled Protection
  • Selenium: Agriculture’s Secret Weapon
  • Tiny Microbes, Big Impact


  • From Late Gestation to Early Lactation: Managing Transitional Periods
  • Happy Cows, Happy Farmers: Animal Welfare and Sustainability
  • Higher Milk Production, Lower Carbon Hoofprint
  • Opportunities for the Global Milk Trade
  • Overcoming the Impact of Activists


  • Equine Trace Mineral Research: The Advantages of Going Organic
  • Equine Welfare: Hope for Horses Without Humans
  • Going Green: Sustainable Equine Management
  • In the Running: The Trends Dominating Equestrian Sport
  • Making Aging a Breeze: Strategies for Feeding Your Senior Horse
  • Photo Finish: Marketing to Equine Consumers

Health and Wellness

  • Gut Reaction: Feeding a Healthy Microbiome
  • Why Smart People Make Bad Food Choices: The Invisible Influences That Guide Our Thinking


  • Brain Power: Supporting Cognitive Function in Pets
  • Dog Days Are Over: Beating the Post-Pandemic Pet Blues
  • Minimizing the Environmental Pawprint of Your Brand
  • What’s in Store for the Future of Brick-and-Mortar Retail?


  • Better Nutrition, Safer Swine
  • High-Rise Pigsties: The Future of Swine Production
  • Litters With Longevity: Optimizing Piglet Nutrition
  • Smarter Barns, Healthier Pigs
  • Leaving a Legacy: Ensuring Lasting Success for the Family Business


  • A New Way to Sell Chicken
  • Future of the Flock: Sustainability in the Poultry Business
  • Planet of Plenty: Poultry Partner Spotlight
  • The World of Poultry

*Topics are subject to change.

The ONE virtual platform will provide access to on-demand tracks, streaming keynote presentations and live Q&A chats with select speakers. New this year, it will also offer an interactive networking experience, allowing attendees to connect with their peers from around the world. 

Registration for the Alltech ONE Ideas Conference is now open at Join the conversation across social media with #ONEbigidea.

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