Saving feed cost by reformulating broiler diets with the use of Nutrase BXP 200 TS

By Jesse Stoops, Dr. Amit Patra and Geert  Van de Mierop INTRODUCTION Nutrase BXP 200 TS is a blend of enzymes, containing endo-xylanase, β-glucanase, α-amylase and 6-phytase activities. This multi-enzyme complex is developed for production animals to guarantee an optimal digestibility of feed and supply of nutrients to the intestinal microbiota to improve gut health. […]

Evonik develop science-based system solutions for the gut health of poultry and swine

Essen, Germany | Evonik has developed science-based system solutions for the gut health of broiler chickens, laying hens and weaned to growing-finishing pigs. This integrated approach makes it possible to keep animals healthy without the use of antibiotics, and to produce meat and eggs in a sustainable and economically profitable manner. Evonik’s new system solutions […]

How to set the course for high-performance breeding stock

Egg quality, egg production, reproductive performance: successful production starts with the breeding stock … and the right feeding. This is because chronic inflammation and oxidative stress put egg quality and reproductive performance at risk, especially in the case of older hens. Breeding hens are more susceptible to oxidative stress and chronic inflammation, also in the […]

Major Ideas OF Marketing Eggs

The training should continue under the specific department in which the new employee will work. Afterward, regular refresher training is necessary Eggs are an important and fundamental foodstuff for developing countries. The greater the distance between producer and consumer, the more complex is the marketing organization required to ensure that eggs reach consumers in the […]

Wannes Dermaut from Roxell explains how farmers want to optimize house space and make smart investments

In the poultry sector, there is a global trend towards choosing group nests over individual nests. Wannes Dermaut explains how farmers want to optimize house space and make smart investments.  By stating the obvious: automation reduces the amount of manpower needed. It’s the same in every sector, including poultry farming. Particularly when it comes to […]

Novus Animal Nutrition (India) CSR Initiative

Novus Animal Nutrition (India) Pvt. Ltd. CSR initiative: ‘’Making schools more sustainable by uplifting their basic infrastructure and turning them into a better place for educational progression for poor children’’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the continuous commitment by business to contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and […]