How to set the course for high-performance breeding stock

Anne Möddel, Technical Sales Manager,
Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition

Egg quality, egg production, reproductive performance: successful production starts with the breeding stock … and the right feeding. This is because chronic inflammation and oxidative stress put egg quality and reproductive performance at risk, especially in the case of older hens.

Breeding hens are more susceptible to oxidative stress and chronic inflammation, also in the late laying phase. This is particularly evident in declining laying performance and fertility. Yet reducing oxidative stress and preventing inflammation are key factors in ensuring egg production and fertility, even in older breeding stock.

This is where special additives like Anta®Ox FlavoSyn by Dr. Eckel come into play: Anta®Ox’s natural plant power inhibits inflammation and reduces oxidative stress in tissues that have a high cell division rate. As a result, energy from the feed is not wasted on inflammatory reactions. Rather, it optimises the energy supply and improves the performance of the breeding stock. Egg quality also increases, as demonstrated in a recent trial.

Improving performance of breeding stock

In this scientific trial, 60 Sinai laying hens aged between 47 and 62 weeks were fed either a control ration without feed additives or 150g/t Anta®Ox FlavoSyn. Egg production, the hatching rate and the antioxidant capacity of the eggs were determined during the trial. The result: Anta®Ox FlavoSyn increased the laying rate by 6.8%, resulting in 6.9% more eggs per hen, and improved feed conversion by 8.5% (Table 1). Reproductive performance (fertilisation rate and hatching rate) also improved by 1.5–4.3% (Fig. 1). This could be due to the much better antioxidant capacity of the eggs of the breeding stock fed Anta®Ox FlavoSyn (Fig. 2).

Table 1: Anta®Ox FlavoSyn improves egg production and feed conversion in breeding stock

ParameterControlAnta®Ox FlavoSynAnta®Ox FlavoSyn effect
Laying rate (%)55.9059.70+6.8%
Number of eggs per hen62.6066.90+6.9%
Feed conversion3.893.56+8.5%

Fig. 1 and 2: Anta®Ox FlavoSyn improves the fertility of breeding stock and the antioxidant capacity of eggs
Hardy stock, great performance: Try it out
The results demonstrate the importance of protecting breeding stock against oxidative stress and inflammation to ensure optimal energy supply, egg quality and performance, thus avoiding diminished performance, even in older breeding stock. It is not only high-performing breeding stock that can benefit from such effects, but also local breeds and laying hens. So, try Anta®Ox FlavoSyn for yourself and care for your breeding stock in the best possible manner.

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