The Journey from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 470 Cr: the story of Anmol Feeds

Kolkata-based Anmol Feeds was started in 2000 by Amit Saraogi. The company manufactures and sells different types of feeds, mainly for shrimp, fish, cattle, and poultry, across 20 states in India.

Amit Saraogi, hailing from Bihar, was pursuing his engineering from Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore, between 1994 and 1998. He would often visit his family members in Bihar, and especially his uncle in Ramnagar, during his summer holidays. 

Apart from running a grocery shop, his uncle also sold poultry feed. While assisting his uncle during his free time, Amit realised that there was an imbalance in the demand and supply of livestock feed. “The product was in short supply, and at the time, there weren’t many companies producing it in Bihar,” Amit says.

After completing his graduation, Amit was back in Bihar, and started working on ideas to bridge the demand and supply gap in the livestock feed space.

He soon rented out a factory space to work on his idea.  Working out of his plant in Muzaffarpur and borrowing Rs 5 lakh from his father, Amit started his entrepreneurial journey in 2000. 

In his early days, Amit did not hesitate to work the ground up, learning to even manufacture broiler feed using trial and error methods. He would often get expert tips from his uncle on the quality of the feed, considering his expertise in the field. 

This is how Anmol Feeds Pvt. Ltd. came into existence. Today, the company manufactures and sells different types of animal feeds, mainly for shrimp, fish, cattle and poultry. 

According to financials of the company accessed by SMBStory, the company clocked Rs 470 crore in FY20. Anmol Feeds is part of the Nouriture Group, a larger group which also includes Saraogi Agroware and Herbal Industries. According to him, cumulatively, the group’s turnover stands at Rs 600 crore. 

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