From the sketch to the print-ready label

The French egg producer Earl de la Belle Etoile has been producing eggs in the Brittany region of France since 2016.

When they approached Hartmann with an idea for a new organic egg brand, they wanted to incorporate a star in their label design. They showed them a coloured pencil sketch and Hartmann immediately got the picture! Then they opted for Hartmann’s imagic carton for 6 eggs.

From the sketch to the print-ready label

The customer was very clear what he wanted. So the company challenge was to create a clear connection between his new quality product, the brand name and the area in which it’s produced.

Keeping as close as possible to the original illustrative style, the company produced an eye-catching pack design that incorporated all the elements that were important to the client:

  • the image of a hen strutting happily under a clear night sky to depict the idyllic free-range life of the hens on the farm
  • a shooting star – for a bit of drama!
  • a map outline of the region Saint-Connan in Brittany (since food origin is increasing in importance to consumers).
The sketch that launched a star product. This charming drawing by the customer’s wife was the brief we worked to.

Thomas and Gwen Herne
Earl de la Belle Etoile

“We wanted a distinctive egg box and label design to help us stand out on the shelves. Hartmann got it straightaway and communication with the team was simple, fast and efficient.”

Reaching for the stars – a standout egg carton with an unmistakeable label, ready for launch. Designed by Hartmann, based on the customer’s creative idea.

The brand was launched in local French supermarkets in April 2021 and was an immediate favourite with shoppers.

How the French like their eggs

The population of France is about 67 million. On average each person consumed 229 eggs in 2020. The share of organic housing is one of the highest in Europe.

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