Trouw Nutrition, celebrated the virtual grand opening of the Poultry Nutrition and Health Unit

The new research unit focuses on supporting flock health and performance without antibiotics

October 2021, Amersfoort the Netherlands – Trouw Nutrition, the animal nutrition division of Nutreco, celebrated the virtual grand opening of the Poultry Nutrition and Health Unit, in Castilla la-Mancha, Spain, on 14 September 2021. The event welcomed more than 1,000 registered customers, research and development stakeholders, academia, and poultry farmers to present the new unit and learn more about strategies to reduce the use of antibiotics in poultry production. 

Research unit spotlights versatility, innovation, and transparency 

The latest addition to the Trouw Nutrition Poultry Research Centre, the Poultry Nutrition and Health Unit features four study rooms equipped to conduct different studies simultaneously. Researchers can replicate climate and environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature, and stocking density to simulate production environments around the globe. These controls inform research to evaluate the efficacy of feed, farm, and health strategies. 

Each study room in the facility can accommodate 48 pens that can be adjusted to reflect different stocking densities. Seven water reservoirs per room allow researchers to randomize different water treatments. Digestibility and bioavailability cages help precision nutrition research, including how tailoring ingredients can influence feed intake, nutrient bioavailability, and feed conversion ratios.  

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