Cobb Africa collaborated with Irvine’s for the first Irvine’s Technical School

Cobb Africa and Irvine’s Host First Technical School, Bringing Highest Level of Expertise to Customers

Cobb Africa collaborated with Irvine’s for the first Irvine’s Technical School on October 4-7. More than 160 industry professionals from across Africa joined the virtual event to gain valuable knowledge that will help keep them at the forefront of the industry. The event featured presentations from Cobb’s industry-leading experts on a range of key topics.

“At Cobb, we are always exploring new ways to bring our world-renowned technical expertise to more customers,” said Stuart Burrell, planning director for Cobb Europe, Middle East, and Africa. “We have a close relationship with Irvine’s and are happy to collaborate with them to reach customers with best-in-class technical information.”

The event included informational sessions and panels on a range of important topics, including:

  • Female management for optimum egg production
  • Male management for optimum fertility
  • Optimum chick quality
  • Optimum cleanout, house preparation, and brooding
  • Optimum water hygiene and management
  • Winter and summer ventilation for open-sided houses
  • Importance of record-keeping and data analysis
  • Importance of raw materials and nutrition specifications

“Now, more than ever, it is critical to ensure that we stay connected and abreast of the latest developments in the poultry world,” said Dr. Sanjay Maharaj, group technical manager for Irvine’s. “This first Irvine’s Technical School, in collaboration with Cobb Africa, is an initiative to bring customers the latest information and to refresh them on aspects they may have forgotten over time.”

The event was so successful, Cobb Africa and Irvine’s will now host it annually. Customers should reach out to their Cobb technical service representative to attend next year’s event.

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