Aviagen celebrates 15 years in Brazil

This month marks 15 years that Aviagen® Brazil has been promoting the success of poultry producers throughout Latin America by providing quality Ross® poultry breeding stock and world-class customer service.

These years are distinguished by investment aimed at meeting a steadily growing demand for Ross chicks, while continually enhancing bird health, welfare, performance and biosecurity.

Story of growth and success

Aviagen’s Latin American journey began in 1985 with a joint venture between Agroceres Avicultura and Ross Breeders, starting the region’s very first breeding program for poultry in Latin America.

More than two decades later, in 2007, Aviagen acquired the assets of Agroceres Avicultura and Agroceres Ross to form Aviagen do Brasil Ltda., serving the markets of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia.

Later, in 2010, the company was renamed Aviagen América Latina Ltda., with administrative headquarters in Campinas, São Paulo state.

Aviagen’s dynamic Latin American reach continued, as the company invested heavily in Brazil to heighten production capacity, biosecurity and quality amid the increasing popularity of the Ross 308 AP. Producers throughout Latin America benefit from the feed efficiency, robustness, performance and environmental hardiness of these birds.

In recent years, Aviagen has further ramped up its investment in Brazil with a modern, biosecure Great Grandparent (GGP) hatchery in Sao Paulo state and a Parent Stock (PS) hatchery in Paraná, along with two GP farms in Santa Catarina State.

The company has recently announced plans together with Granja Alvorada for a new PS farm with an annual capacity of 2.1 million Ross 308 AP chicks in São Paulo, and has purchased land for a new GGP farm, also in São Paulo.

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