Ceva Santé Animale strengthens its activities with two Argentinean Acquisitions in Latin America

Ceva Santé Animale (Ceva) announces the acquisition of the Argentinian companies Zoovet – specialized in the production and marketing of animal health products and Biotecnofe – a biotech start-up developing innovative products to be distributed by Zoovet.

These strategic acquisitions will give Ceva access to a state-of-the-art biotechnology campus based in Santa Fe, Argentina. With 200 experts and a tight collaboration with the prestigious university of the city mentioned above, this campus will strengthen Ceva’s activities in Latin America to support pharmaceutical innovation, especially for ruminants.

As a result, Ceva will become the 5th largest player in Argentina, with 250 employees and an expected turnover of 35 million euros.

“At Ceva, our priority is to develop innovative and effective solutions for animal health and welfare. This strategic buyout will help us to increase our footprint in Latin America, one of the world’s major animal protein producing regions. At Ceva, we are committed to providing solutions that help farmers to keep their animals healthy. This is the meaning of the work carried out by Zoovet and Biotecnofe, which has a proven track record as a biotechnology campus. Being innovative is not just about optimizing products, it’s also about finding new ways to create a positive impact for our society and our planet.”Marc Prikazsky, President and CEO of Ceva Santé Animale.

This double acquisition echoes Ceva’s vision “together beyond animal health” and will enable the company to accelerate its research work, particularly in biotechnology, to meet the needs and challenges of ruminant breeders. For this strategic acquisition, Ceva chose family businesses that share common values around the One Health concept.

“At Zoovet and Biotecnofe we are committed to caring for people and animals. As at Ceva, we are convinced that both are intimately linked. We are strong advocates of the One Health concept. This is why, over the last few years, we have put all our energy into researching and developing pharmaceutical products to meet the needs and stakes of breeders to keep on feeding our planet in a qualitative and sustainable way. We are convinced that Ceva will continue this tradition and look forward to seeing the tangible positive impacts of it.“Enrique Ariotti, founder and president of Zoovet and Biotecnofe

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