Trouw Nutrition announces the launch of MyFeedPrint

Amersfoort, Netherlands-Trouw Nutrition, an innovative animal nutrition solutions provider, announces the launch of MyFeedPrint, an online environmental footprint service for animal feed products.

The service is designed to allow farmers, feed producers and integrators to quantify the environmental footprint of animal feed, providing transparency on the environmental impact of the livestock value chain.

Trouw Nutrition’s easy-to-use solution represents an essential step forward in creating a more sustainable future for animal nutrition, allowing feed producers to remain competitive by developing more environmentally optimised products and giving end consumers insights into the environmental footprint of their food.

Feed producers, farmers and integrators in the livestock industry are facing increased demand for environmentally optimised products and solutions from consumers and regulatory bodies around the world. As such, it has never been more important to accurately report on the environmental footprint of products.

The streamlined digital service MyFeedPrint, which is integrated into the NutriOpt digital platform, represents a key step forward for transparency in the livestock value chain.

In line with Trouw Nutrition’s purpose, Feeding the Future, this service enables environmental assessments for animal feed products, analysing the impact of each individual ingredient and the processes that goes into creating every tonne of feed.

MyFeedPrint will allow feed producers to uncover their environmental hotspots and prioritise the lowest-impact strategies to ensure their operations can continue to run profitably and sustainably.

Based on the results of the MyFeedPrint analysis, producers can calculate more environmentally conscious choices to enhance their products and make informed decisions about how to achieve lower impact solutions. This will help users remain competitive in an increasingly environmentally aware marketplace.

Wiebren Santema, Digital Product Manager at Trouw Nutrition says: “MyFeedPrint sets a new standard in value chain transparency for the livestock industry, providing the missing link between farms, feed producers and end consumers that will prove pivotal in driving a more sustainable future for food production.”

Coen Smits, Sustainability Director of Trouw Nutrition adds: “We are excited to continue collaborating with our partners across the value chain to reduce the environmental impact of our industry and create solutions that help feed our world’s growing population as sustainably as possible. More than ever, we are helping to feed the future!”

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