Alltech announces new leadership roles within the Alltech feed division

Alltech feed division announces new leadership roles. Scot Harold will assume commercial leadership as executive vice president, Feed & Premix, and Brian Gier joins the company as vice president of sales for Hubbard Feeds. “As we position the business for future growth, we continue to evolve and work together across all parts of our business to best serve […]

Clemson researcher injects chicken eggs with probiotics to promote ‘One Health’

Delivering naturally occurring probiotics to chick embryos is a practical, realistic and achievable approach to…enhance overall health and chick quality without the use of antibiotics-– Khaled Abdelaziz, Clemson assistant professor of animal and veterinary sciences. Poultry is one of South Carolina’s largest agricultural industries, generating $1.5 billion annually. But the bacterium Campylobacter is threatening this economic stronghold. […]

Alan Thomson appointed as Global Vice President of Aviagen’s Technical operations

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Aviagen® is pleased to announce the appointment of Alan Thomson as Global Vice President (VP) of Aviagen’s Technical Operations. He succeeds Dr. Bryan Fancher, who will retire in September this year. Thomson, latterly Aviagen’s Global Head of Technical Transfer, has assumed his new role effective from March 1 and will collaborate closely with Dr. […]