Aviagen India hosts its much awaited annual leadership summit

Udumalpet, India. – Aviagen® India recently hosted its much-awaited annual leadership summit in the city of Gulmarg in Kashmir, India, from April 23 to 25. The summit brought together key company and regional leaders and esteemed customers, who engaged in important conversations on the current and future trends and opportunities in the industry.

Showcasing growing performance, popularity of Ross 308 AP

The spotlight of the event was on the Ross® 308 AP broiler, which continues to gain in popularity as it helps boost the success of producers with its feed efficiency, environmental resilience and robustness. The attendees discussed strategies to strengthen the breed’s position in the market, leveraging its excellent performance, health and welfare.

Attendees were welcomed by Aviagen CEO Jan Henriksen and Asia President Peter Fisher, who presented a regional update. India Business Manager Marc Scott provided benchmarking results, while Genetics Director Santiago Avendano gave an insightful update on the bird’s recent genetic development.

Head of Global Nutrition Services Marcelo Silva also shared his expertise on achieving optimal nutrition. Both Avendano and Silva outlined a roadmap showcasing the consistent advancement in performance capabilities of the Ross 308 AP broiler, highlighting annual enhancements in feed efficiency and daily weight gain.

Unique insight from esteemed customers

Rupert Claxton, a consultant from Gira, gave insight into the global meat industry, with a focus on the market in India, and Michael Longley from Food Chain Enterprises shared his valuable expertise on various processing practices.

Scott expressed his excitement at the opportunity to meet with Aviagen colleagues and customers after a one-year hiatus due to COVID. “The poultry industry in India is evolving and modernizing, and Aviagen is committed to continuous investment to strengthen our operations and support this dynamic and crucial region,” he remarked.

“The 2023 summit was a resounding success, enabling industry leaders to connect, share ideas, and chart the path forward. Aviagen remains committed to driving innovation and excellence in the industry, providing customers with the best-possible products and services to meet their evolving needs.”

About Aviagen

Since 1923, Aviagen® has been a preferred global poultry breeding company with a mission to help its customers — the world’s chicken meat producers — supply sustainable, affordable and nutritious protein to their growing communities.

Putting into practice its corporate value of “Breeding for Welfare and Sustainability,” Aviagen implements efficiencies that make commercial chicken production environmentally and socially responsible and economically beneficial to producers, while at the same time promoting bird performance, health and welfare. 

To meet varied market demands, Aviagen offers a full portfolio of breeding stock under the Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross® brand names. The Rowan Range® and Specialty Males® target slower-growing and other niche market needs.

Aviagen is based in Huntsville, Alabama, US., with operations across the UK, Europe, Turkey, Latin America, India, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and the US, and joint ventures in Asia. The company employs close to 8,000 people, and serves customers in 100 countries.

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