Novus adds to poultry team in the U.S.

SAINT CHARLES, MO – Joshua Teague is the newest member of the poultry team at Novus International, Inc. Earlier this year, Teague joined the intelligent nutrition company as the poultry senior sales specialist. In this role, he’s responsible for growing the layer and turkey business segments in the Midwest United States. Prior to joining Novus, […]

Kemin Food Technologies- North America welcomes Joseph Summers as Technical Sales Manager

U.S. – Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer, recently announced that Joseph Summers has joined the Kemin Food Technologies – North America business unit as Technical Sales Manager, supporting customers in the Southeastern U.S. with sales and services. As Technical Sales Manager, Summers will be responsible for sales and business development, working to optimize profitability […]

Factors affecting egg production

During the production cycle many factors influence egg production; therefore, the cycle must be managed effectively and efficiently in order to provide maximum output and profitability. Poultry systems for egg production need to be aware of the factors that decrease this performance parameter. The success of poultry production dedicated to egg production is based on […]

Trouw Nutrition announces the launch of MyFeedPrint

Amersfoort, Netherlands-Trouw Nutrition, an innovative animal nutrition solutions provider, announces the launch of MyFeedPrint, an online environmental footprint service for animal feed products. The service is designed to allow farmers, feed producers and integrators to quantify the environmental footprint of animal feed, providing transparency on the environmental impact of the livestock value chain. Trouw Nutrition’s […]

Stress reduction via drinking water- Dr. Eckel presents innovative anti-stress additive

Bangkok – At VIV Asia, Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition presents their latest innovation: the water-soluble anti-stress product MagPhyt WS. Designed specifically for drinking systems and therefore of particular interest to poultry producers, MagPhyt WS promises rapid stress reduction and improved resilience thanks to a combination of selected plant extracts, highly bioavailable magnesium sources and vitamin […]

Roxell unveils its digital plan for the future with the ‘Advanced Connected Environment’

Roxell is working towards a connected future. Roxell is dedicated to support the digital transformation of the agricultural sector. Roxell is launching this connected future plan under the name of ‘Advanced Connected Environment’. ADVANCED CONNECTED ENVIRONMENT Digital umbrella for the 360° portfolio Developing systems that are innovative, durable and performant is at the core of Roxell’s strategy. […]

Aviagen India announces appointment of Venkatesh Gunasekaran for Global Nutrition Team

Udumalpet, India. – Aviagen® India is pleased to announce that Venkatesh Gunasekaran, Technical Manager for Aviagen India since 2020, has been appointed to Aviagen’s Global Nutrition Team. This team is dedicated to promoting bird welfare, sustainability, and performance through optimal nutrition. In this new role, he will share the latest nutrition advice with customers across […]