In conversation with Dr. Sekhar Sushil Basak, Managing Director, Innovista Feeding Solutions (P) LTD.

“There is a huge scope for marketing in our industry where in hygiene, nutrition and health should be the key parameters to bring awareness for chicken consumption.” What are your best-known products/services/solutions? Innovista Feeding Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of offering unique feed supplements for enriching health and bettering growth and productivity in […]

In conversation with Srinivas Chindam (Founder& CEO) and Archana Chindam (COO) -PoultryMon, MLIT Solutions

How did the idea originate? We started our foray into IoT in manufacturing Industry as we have a family business of manufacturing Aerospace fasteners. Entry into Poultry sector was rather coincidental .Later while working with a client who also happened to have a hatchery where in there was a complete hatch loss and chicks have […]

In conversation with Innovatec Hatchery Automation BV

Pictures from left to right- Mark Rijsdijk, sales manager Asia, Christophe Bohez, sales manager Asia, Henk Struving, Sales & Marketing Director What are your core products and services? What are you best known for providing? Innovatec is a leading company specialized in innovative hatchery automation. Driven bij innovation and committed to quality and service Innovatec supplies […]