Major aspects required to run a Poultry Business

To understand the Poultry Business, we can divide in to three aspects mainly-

1. Production Plan

2. Financial Plan

3. Organizational Plan

1. Production Plan: The production plan is a very important aspect of running the business. It is synonymous to the foundation which the business is built on. In this area, two primary aspects of the production plan will be taken into consideration namely; the required production equipment on one hand, and the production technique on the other.

For this sake of understanding the Poultry Business in detail, it is significant to state some of the equipment which is required for the business to stay afloat. The most used pieces of farm equipment in broiler houses are feeders, drinkers, crates and weighing scales, flame guns and other cleaning equipment are also used.

List of equipment such as Generator, Feeders, Lighting Gadgets, Drinker, Waste Bin, Table/Chair, Shovel, Nose max, Gloves

List of material such as Feeds, Water, Vaccine, Saw dust, Day old chick

The production technique for this business refers to the processes and stages involved from sourcing the day-old chick up to the time they are grown and ready for the market.

2. Financial Plan: Financial planning is the process of estimating the capital requirement. Here the financial plan includes the financial projections for the first 2 years of operation, pre operating and operating expenses, startup capital, funding source, proposed selling price and financial assumptions. For a business to succeed, startup fund plays a huge role. The source of fund for the business will be from two origins in the beginning. The first being from bank, while the other will be from personal means.

3. Organizational Plan: The organization structure refers to the cooperate relationship between the employee and the company.
There are sets of roles and responsibilities assigned to each of the employee in the company. The purpose of this is to ensure that each team member understands what is expected of him or her daily. It describes based on hierarchy from the uppermost level in terms of employee responsibility to the labourers.

Managers – Marketer – Labours

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